The Dead Zone

At the centre of the impending storm is a teacher at the local high school, a young man who goes by the unlikely name of John Smith, no middle name. Johnny is a charming, sympathetic character, a teacher beloved by his students, and he is in love with Sarah Bracknell. In his heart of hearts, Johnny believes that teaching is his true talent, and is what he has been intended to do in this life.

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Night Shift

I’ve had the opportunity to read Night Shift when I was much younger, but there were only a few of the twenty stories that left enough of a mark on me that I remember details ten years later. Strawberry Spring is one of them, as was Quitters Inc., but my favourite by far is I Am The Doorway.

Our main character is an astronaut who has been exposed to an alien life force during his mission in space. Alien beings now inhabit his body, and have recently emerged as eyes on the his hands.

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The Shining

The Shining has always been one of those Stephen King novels that was on my radar but I never actually picked up when I saw it in bookstores (for similar examples, please see: Rose Madden, Misery, The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon). I think I may have read it when I was in my early […]

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Salem’s Lot

It’s now week eight of fourteen for us at the University of Toronto as this post goes up, and I am very keenly feeling the effects of the upcoming due dates, deadlines, papers, presentations, and the never-ending flood of emails that I need to respond to. I’m writing this on a Friday morning that I […]

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