Happy 5th Anniversary, Mikaius!

It’s five years since the day we went on our first date, on what I didn’t know would be the last first date of my life.

We still say “I love you” every day, constantly, consistently, punctuating giggles and belly laughs and burps with love. A few years ago, I expressed worry, and maybe a little fear, that maybe us saying it at the rate we did would dilute what it means to say “I love you.”

You were never worried about that. Love for you just was, bubbling out like a spring, flowing endlessly every day.

And it felt safe, mahal ko, to love you like that, too.

Happy fifth anniversary, my love. You are a gift I’m endlessly grateful for, every day we’re together. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into us. For all the dates you planned. For leaning into it and enjoying how wild it is that we found each other at 22.

I can’t wait to be old with you, and in the meantime, I absolutely love that we’re growing old together.

(Photo credits: Rachel Evangeline Chiong. Find her on Instagram @rachelsauruscrankthatfocus!)

I want us to be the love story my parents never had the chance to be.


“And I want to know that fifty years from now when you’re in a hospital room
getting ready to die, when visiting hours are for family members only,
I want to know they’ll let me in to say goodbye.
‘Cause I’ve been fifty years memorizing how the lines beneath your eyes form rivers when you cry and I’ve held my hand like an ocean at your cheek saying, “Baby, flow to me.”
‘Cause fifty years I’ve watched you grow with me
fifty years of you never letting go of me,
through nightmares and dreams and everything in between.”
– excerpt from Andrea Gibson’s I Do

Baby, I am so in love with you. It’s been two years and then some of adventures and food and books. I love you, I love you, I love you.