banff (2019)

My mom and I got to visit Alberta this summer, crisscrossing from Edmonton to Banff one day, and visiting between family the next. Behind the whirlwind of us trying to fit a decade of visits and fondness into five vacation days was the backdrop of the province, and the breathtaking Rockies. 

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a day in the life of a grad student (2018)

Today was a quiet Monday for me. It was still a long day, of course, with meetings and class and Kapisanan work, but having submitted my CIP in the early hours of Monday morning was so good for my soul – and my body, which at this point was so sick of the effects of caffeine that I had to sleep 9+ hours everyday to compensate, with multiple naps on the weekends.

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turning 27 (2017)

I turned 27 yesterday! Mikaius planned a lovely day for us, with the trip to the Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters exhibit at the AGO bookended by food – thank you, my love, for the effort that you put into this date!

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