Want to talk? Collaborate? Ask how to get to the random restaurant we were talking about in that blog post that one time? Drop us a line at sunflowersforsundays@gmail.com.

About Dani:


Dani is a grad student at the University of Toronto who spends a lot of time exploring this city on foot. She loves coffee, secondhand bookstores, and ink pens of all kinds. In her spare time, she can be found at thrift stores hunting for vintage Disney collectibles.

About Mikaius:


Mikaius is extremely persnickety about historical facts. He edits most, if not all, of the posts on this blog, catching stray spelling and grammatical errors with his keen eyes.

After a brief but unsuccessful stint for his BA in Near and Middle Eastern Civilisations at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus, he has transitioned to miscellany. He likes heaping plates of good food, various flavours of Italian sodas, and slobbery dogs.

About Tanya:


Tanya is a spontaneous dog-, AVA-, and GA-loving freelancer. Lately she’s been into flipping domain names with a bunch of her friends.

About the site header: 

The current site header is a photograph by the very talented Rachel Evangeline Chiong. Find her and her work over on Instagram at @rachelsauruscrankthatfocus, or shoot her an email at rachel.evan.chiong@gmail.com!

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