Summer Favourites: Food!

As has been tradition since Summer 2014, Mikaius and I went exploring for more food places that we can add to our favourites list! While our busy schedules don’t allow us to write detailed reviews of each place like we used to in years past, here is a list of the new favourites that we discovered during our walks around the city. Forgive my food photography, I never did quite learn how to take fantastic pictures of food.

New Favourites:

  1. Beachside Grill | Website
    Mikaius and I both fell in love with the Beaches neighbourhood last year and we made it sort of a mini-mission this summer to wander around the area a little bit more. One day in early June he took me out on a date to explore the area and we started our day with brunch at the Beachside Grill. It was lovely! The lobster mac and cheese was so rich and creamy, and the corned beef hash with the poached eggs, while not as good as the pasta, was delicious! We still talk about that mac and cheese and how tasty it was. Mmm, lobster, pasta, and cheese.
  2. Frankie’s Diner | Website
    We came upon this place in a state of real hunger, and even with that in mind, Mikaius almost couldn’t finish the pulled pork sandwich that he ordered and I also wasn’t quite able to finish my breakfast plate. The servings are massive, delicious and very filling. The service was a bit slow, though, so I was glad that we didn’t have anything urgent to hit up after that late lunch.
  3. The Rec Room | Website
    It was a rainy day in the city when we decided to finally check out The Rec Room, and since it was so rainy out, we spent quite a bit of time in the arcade (playing, yes, but also trying to figure out how to work those bracelets). We had a light lunch at Three10, since we weren’t that hungry, and to be honest it is probably what we should be doing anyway because our eyes often want more than what our stomachs can hold. We split a pizza (the Butcher’s Daughter) and a dessert (chocolate cream pie), both of which were omg-mmm-inducing servings of deliciousness. The pizza was delightful, with all the ingredients playing in harmony together, and the dessert was something I could probably have eaten five of but shouldn’t. I would definitely go back again!
  4. Bang Bang Ice Cream | Website
    Bang Bang is close enough to my place of work that it is dangerous to my wallet. I love ice cream, and I love that they have flavours like Totaro and Soursop, which are definitely not flavours that I see in regular ice cream places!
  5. Tinuno | Website
    Tinuno is within a comfortable walking distance from my flat, and while we were having brunch there I was repeatedly asking myself why we hadn’t made that walk earlier in the year. Their Kamayan feast is so good, and a steal at only $15 per head! We were so full, and we even had delicious leftovers to take home from the restaurant. Oh goodness, I haven’t had squid and shrimp that good in years – it really and truly did taste like home.
  6. Sunnyside Café and Pavilion | Website
    We came across Sunnyside when we were having a wander. We had started our day with High Park, enjoying the sun, the breeze, and Grenadier Pond. It was our second time at High Park, first time alone together, so when we inadvertently came out on the other side of the park and saw how close we were to the beaches, we just kept walking. We ordered a pizza and drinks at Sunnyside – we split the Chicken Supreme pizza, he had the Arctic Mudslide, and I ordered a piña colada smoothie. While I wasn’t too impressed with the smoothie, the pizza and the Mudslide were both big wins – we are already planning on going back to enjoy the beach with our friends!

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