Summer Series, #07


For a few months now, I’ve wanted to try and work through my complicated relationship with my name. I couldn’t manage to find a way of writing about it that felt honest but not too naked, and so, like many others, that particular writing prompt will go on the back burner.

Last night, my younger brother and I were having a conversation about what we wanted to do with our lives, and how that has impacted all the choices we’ve made. I like to think that my “vague” goal is pretty clear, and has been ever since I started working at Kapisanan: I ultimately want to help make Toronto a better place for immigrant youth.

I think, for now, that I am content with the specifics of my life goal being nebulous. There are still so many avenues that I haven’t explored, and so many fields that I can cross into. Not to say that I’m just sitting on my bum waiting for opportunities to fall into my lap – certainly not. This is a time in my life when the weeks and months and years are flying by so fast, I can hardly believe that it’s already month seven of twelve. Where did the months go? How am I already halfway through my masters?

Still, happy to report that I seem to be sailing relatively smooth seas, mental health-wise, and am in a better spot than I was for most of the past ten months. Wish me luck, cross your fingers and toes for me, send me good vibes.



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