Summer Series, #02


I love that twisty ring on my middle finger – found it for $1.99 at a Value Village and I’ve been wearing it daily ever since.

After tinkering with my summer schedule a fair bit over this past weekend and finally figuring out how much time to devote to each of my activities (in theory, at least), I’ve decided to move the Summer Series 2017 to Mondays, as opposed to writing them for Fridays. I have too many deadlines that fall on Fridays, and with a reading course I really would like to dig into, it made more sense to schedule these posts for Monday.

See, this is where my new Passion Planner would come in handy, for keeping track of all my scheduled deadlines – can you tell how excited I am to finally get my hands on that thing?

Speaking of scheduled things – one habit that I have finally ingrained in myself as an adult human being is washing my face twice a day! It took me so long to set it up as a habit, and I’m a little ashamed of myself for only having done it this year. I started in January with a very simple routine: in the mornings, washing with a very gentle cleanser, then a toner, then moisturizer with SPF; and in the evenings, washing with a scrubbier cleanser, the toner again, and a heavier moisturizer. I’m not sure if my face has really improved, to be honest, and I’m too chicken to try out new moisturizers and cleansers, but for now it works! Nowadays, my breakouts only really happen around my period or when I go more than two weeks without swapping out my pillowcases.

When I was a young kid, I was under the impression that all adults who had hit their twenties suddenly became responsible and serious adults, and now that I’m **twenty-six, I feel so lost and uncertain about where I’m headed. Having a handle on a skin care routine makes me feel a little bit less lost, to be honest. I know that it’s a small thing, but the way things have been going, I’ll take all the little victories I can and enjoy them.

I look forward to getting more expensive facial care products in the future when I’m a more adult-y adult doing adult things, but for now, drugstore products it is!






3 thoughts on “Summer Series, #02

  1. Tree

    I was under that impression, too — about seeing adults reach an unfamiliar level of maturity when they hit their 20s. Like they could solve all the problems in the world.

    So, right now,, being in my 20s, it feels odd that I’m supposed to be an adult. At this age, I hardly see myself as mature.

    Also, you’re 26! 😊

    1. Dani

      ALSO – you’re right, it feels weird when you’re technically supposed to be an adult but inside you’re really just not quite there yet!

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