Montréal Mayhem Part 1

We went on a short trip to Montréal!

Mikaius and I had been planning to go on a short weekend trip for a while now, and we finally managed to book the dates for the first week of May. School had officially ended – I embark on my graduate school journey this September – and we were excited to have a short break, especially since he has summer classes beginning the second week of May.

There was a short discussion about whether to take the ViaRail or Megabus, but our decision was made by the discovery that going by train would take 4 hours, while going by bus would take 6. And also that the two hour was really not worth it when you consider that the train ride would cost us hundreds of dollars, while the bus far was only $83 for us both, including reserved seats at the very front row.

Mikaius’ Mom very generously drove us up to Scarborough Town Centre, where we were an hour early for the bus and we waited… and waited.. and waited. Shivering the entire time, because we were a tad underdressed for the weather. Seriously, Toronto, this flip-flopping isn’t fun anymore!

I thoroughly enjoyed that bus ride, and the day was cloudy enough that my photosensitive eyes didn’t require me to wear my sunglasses for the entire trip. Reserving seats 3 and 4 (second level, first row) was probably one of the best decisions we made on this trip, because you could see everything. It was fascinating to me how the landscape and architecture started changing before my eyes as we got further and further away from Toronto. And it was all beautiful! We passed by at least four small towns I would gladly settle down in if I could find work there. You really can’t take the small-city-feels out of this girl: Bacolod City has a population of 511,820 (as of the 2010 census), while Toronto has 2,615,060.

When we got to Montréal, we found out that the Airbnb we were staying at was in close proximity to all of the things we wanted to explore, and we ended up not even buying passes to the Metro. We spent our first night in with an order of chicken tenders from Coq-O-Coq, which was just a few blocks away from our lovely apartment.

The next morning was perfect for walking – bright, warm, and sunny – so Mikaius made the call that it was the day we were going to the Old Port. We decided to walk, since it was a short 45-minutes away by foot from our place. Fortified by breakfast sandwiches from Tim’s (which Mikaius said was “inherently more fancy” since the transactions were conducted in Quebecois French), we began our exploration! Our route took us along rue Sainte-Catherine and straight to the Vieux-Port de Montreal. There weren’t very many people around yet, so we were able to enjoy ourselves, taking our time and walking from one end to the other, ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the different sights. We found a sweet little spot, Muru Crêpe, where we decided to have a late lunch. Their crêpes were delicious, and after we had gone back to Toronto, I found myself wishing that we’d eaten there at least once more. Dinner was a club roll and buffalo poutine from Dunn’s Famous, and while I wasn’t wild about the dry-ish club roll, I did love the poutine!

We ended the day at home, watching M*A*S*H, feeling so incredibly lucky to be spending a couple of days together on a really enjoyable trip.



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