Book Baubles: Fitch Edition

White Oleander is a story that is going to rip out your heartstrings, and your intestines, especially if you have a complicated relationship with a parent. Find some version of the following items at home and you’ll be ready to dive neck-deep into this one  – although if you’re choosing between reading on your couch, or snuggled into bed, pick the one that’s more comfortable so you can squirm all you want.

1. A warm, fuzzy blanket to hide yourself from the thoughts that the book brings up:


Get this warm yellow beauty here, from Etsy Shop WoolCoutureCompany! She also offers it in a ton of other colours, so something’s sure to catch your eye.

2. A delicious, warm cup of tea, and keep your thermos on the nearest  available surface:


Get a Tea Trio in beautiful glass jars here, from WinterWoodsTeaCo.

3. And of course, a copy of the book. Hit up the used bookstore in your neighbourhood that you’ve always wanted to explore and ask the friendly shopkeeper if they have it in stock.


Or to get your copy from Book Depository, click here.



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