Valentine’s Date!

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Our “not-oranginary” day started at The Good Fork (quick review here!), where we had made reservations for 1PM. I can’t tell you how much making that reservation made me feel like a grown-up – maybe because we had never actually booked a table for a date before. Translation: our dates are usually inexpensive as hell, because we’re both students.

After that we headed to the 339 Roncesvalles location of The Kind Exchange to look for a present for my Mom. I hadn’t been at home for Family Day – blame all the schoolwork we have – and so I wanted to give her a little token of my appreciation for her Mom-ing. Mikaius and I found a really nice pair of Nine West heels and an H&M coat for her there, and as an added bonus, I got some nice Aldo Oxfords for myself that fit perfectly. All of that for really cheap, you guys. This is a big deal when you’re a student and can’t really blow all your money on treats for your family, no matter how much you want to.

With my Mom’s presents safely tucked into my arms, Mikaius and I decided to walk around the area. Neither of us had ever really been to Roncesvalles, so exploring it was great fun. We found two used bookstores, A Good Read and She Said Boom, and walked in hoping to find paperback copies of The Half-Blood Prince.  Apparently, according to the friendly neighbourhood bookseller, the last three books of the series in the editions we wanted were some of the hardest to find in the used book network. Challenge accepted! We’ll be making our way back to our usual used book haunts (Willow, Elliot’s, etc) and I’m sure we’ll find it. Eventually.

Then we decided we wanted to see the new Deadpool movie (review coming up!), but we missed the showing at the Humber Cinemas Theatre by about twenty minutes. We ended up taking the 505 to the AGO and taking a nice walk down to the Scotiabank theatre. Everything was lightly dusted in snow, and the trees stood out wonderfully against the urban landscape. It put us in a rather contemplative mood as we walked and reminisced.

We made it to the theatre with no time to spare, getting our tickets at 4:20pm to the 4:20pm showing! The theatre was 79% full, according to the guy who helped us at the register, so I wasn’t too hopeful about getting good seats, but we somehow still did. The movie was hilarious — if you’re seeing one movie this February, this is it. It was irreverent (a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about this movie, but it is perfect for it), emotional, action-packed, and unexpectedly hits you in all the right places. Like Wade himself does.

All in all, it was an incredible day. For now though, it’s back to our regularly scheduled student life as we labour on our papers. Eight weeks to go before this semester ends!



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