Toronto Bites: Sushi on Bloor

Mikaius and I have been looking for a new favourite sushi place since Akabane closed; as broke Uni students who adored sushi, we would often raid that joint for their $11 AYCE lunches. If we were going on Tuesday dates, we would settle in for a leisurely sushi lunch there, then walk down to Silver City Richmond Hill to catch an early movie.

In our search, we asked a lot of people what their recommendations were for cheap but delicious sushi restaurants, and one kept coming up: Sushi on Bloor. We never really had the time to check it out over the holidays between our work schedules, but we had a few hours free last week after school. Since we in the throes of a pretty bad sushi craving PLUS Sushi on Bloor was only a short 15 minute walk away from the St. George campus, off we went.

Dani: The decor wasn’t spectacular, but it was perfectly clean. The restaurant was full and there were, I think, two people ahead of us in line. This was on a weeknight at 8:30PM, so I took that as a good sign.

Mikaius: It was a small place, but like all the good places, it was longer than it was wide. There is something that is incredibly appealing to me about a long-way restaurant.

Dani: Between the two of us, we ordered the sashimi set (more for me than for him), the BBQ set, shrimp tempura, crab meat nigiri, spicy scallop nigiri, karaage chicken.


By the end of the meal, I could have done without the sashimi or the BBQ set – both of which were delicious but not exactly what my tongue wanted to taste. The karaage chicken, the shrimp tempura, and the spicy scallop nigiri, however, were winners for me! I would happily order those again the next time we drop in!

Mikaius: I’ve never managed to get familiar with the various terms around sushi. So when I ordered the nigiri, I had no idea what I was getting in terms of presentation. Loved the crab meat, but I really don’t like roe and the scallop (though delicious itself) was covered in it. I cannot abide the weird crunchysaltiness of roe!

Everything was spot on, though. Nice bowl of miso soup as a palate cleanser, and that tempura was as fluffy as clouds. The karaage was absolutely fantastic, and incredibly large for a simple $5 plate. The BBQ set was good, but nothing particularly outstanding. The hit of the night for me was the simple tempura and karaage, hands down.

Dani: I would highly recommend this place! The line up should tell you all that you need to know: it’s a popular place known for good food, and the prices won’t kill your wallet.

Mikaius: Absolutely would recommend! Well priced, well placed, and hits just the right spots. The only negative I can think of is that they had a rather select set of sushi makes, compared to places with all kinds of RainbowGreenMagicalDragon sets.


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