Our Summer 2015 Part III: Mikaius

We’ve always wanted to cook a whole chicken, it’s just a thing that Dani and I have wanted to do. We like cooking together, usually treats and smaller things, and on occasion we’ve made soup or larger dishes. We went for a relatively simple thing for our experimental chicken, a salt-roasted chicken with a lemon sauce and little itty bitty steamed potatoes. What a discovery it has been! So simple to make in a pinch, Dani and I have come to rely on it when we just need a nice quick chicken with a crisp skin and a nice tang. (01/07/15)

First time we made chicken Summer

Behold! The most delicious of lemon chickens!

The second of our cemetery visits placed us on the far end of Toronto, or so it seemed, out in Cabbagetown. We visited the Necropolis, a rather large and very pretty cemetery out in the East end of Toronto. The walk itself was, once again, really fun. We passed down Church Street, which gave us a chance to jump into Eliot’s Bookshop. I love when we get to go into little bookshops (or even big ones, like BMV!). Eliot’s is this adorable thing as tall as it is long, with piles of books all over the place. It smells like books, without smelling musty. I think every time I’ve been in there, I left with something.

When we finally got to the Necropolis, the weather was just right, with heat pouring down and the sun beaming. The whole thing was well shaded, so it was really comfortable there. We went to and fro, looking at the stones and monuments of the dead, and I acted as a personal mosquito catcher for Dani, getting bitten up and down my arms and legs, while she didn’t get bitten at all. On the way to it, we mused at how cute the houses were in Cabbagetown, all these old little things that cost more than we could figure, and how some of the shops around looked like they were from a boardwalk or main street from decades ago. (06/07/15)

Necropolis Summer

The entrance to the cemetery. It was a very restful place.

On a day which I can’t quite remember the date of, we went and saw Inside Out over at Dundas. It was after one of my classes, we stocked up with Smoke’s Poutinerie and Popeye’s Chicken, shoved it all into Tupperware and made our way there. What a movie it turned out to be! My heart broke watching just the Lava intro! I’m a sucker for Pixar, and this was no exception. Dani still starts up the Bing-Bong song to tear out my heart. (21/07/15)

July was a kind month for us, and with Dani’s mom out of town, I was able to steal away a few nights with Dani. July 12th, 18th and 24th, I got to spend the nights, study for my midterms and wake-up for fun little McDonald’s breakfasts. Always a burrito and Egg McMuffin for me, and a McGriddle for Dani. Stealing away these quiet and comfortable little nights are the highlights of the summer for me. (12+18+14/07/15)


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