Our Summer 2015 Part II: Mikaius

June 5th was a special day. During the summer of 2014, Dani and I had kicked around the idea of my vasectomy. We weren’t really sure of it happening at this point, but we realized it was covered under OHIP. With that, we set about making some plans. I was able to get a checkup in November, and in January 2015 a consultation with an urologist. With a three month “think before you leap” period, at the doctor’s behest, April saw the final consultation and June 5th was the day I made sure I wasn’t having little versions of myself running around this place, for good. The experience itself wasn’t a bad one — though it did cost me some people, and even now, three months after the procedure, my boys are fragile little flowers.

I spent the first month waiting out those stitches, and the first 10 days before I could use my parts again was perhaps the most frustrating period I’ve had regarding that. I mean, not using my stuff is fine, but not being allowed to? Well that is just torture! Second month saw me get back into a normal state, some more stitches to pull and all that goodness, but things are mostly healed. Haven’t been able to wear real pants since, mind you, but that may also be because I spent this summer eating my way through Toronto, and less because my boys need to breath more.

On June 11th, I went in for advisement regarding my first real semester at UofT. Put together a timetable and courses for the next year of my life; I was looking forward to actually starting to take classes in my real area of study, and desperately trying to flee from Classics.

When Dani and I first got together, there were so many things I had in mind. So many things to do, places to go, stuff to eat! Slowly but surely, we are getting to these things. After two years, I managed to take Dani to a cemetery over in Thornhill Village that I’ve wanted to visit with her the whole time. She loved it. It was wonderful! We got to a good few cemeteries this summer, and this was the first. (15/06/15)

Thornhill Cemetery Summer

Sombre reminder at the bottom, delicious Golden Star on the left and lovestruck fools on the right.

June 21st marked Dani’s last day working for McDonald’s. Just short of five years, which is a long time to mark. For our two and a half years together, it’s been her place of work. I’ve picked her up a number of times there, sometimes for movies, sometimes just to go home and sometimes because she fell ill and I wanted to make sure she got home fast and safe. I had a bit of a moment recently (September, as of writing this), where it dawned on me I haven’t picked her up from work in a while. Last time I did was her last day, we sat down for a nice big lunch of nuggets and were going to see Jurassic World, but felt too tired and went home for a nap. It feels like its forever ago that she worked there, but it’s only been a couple months. This summer has been so big, so full. It’s been a good summer.

Might as well have been another cemetery, with me buried in it, on June 22nd: my first exam at UofT. It didn’t matter how easy the course itself was, I do not test well, and I am universally awful at assignments. Nonetheless, I killed the course and got an A. Before the exam, though, Dani and I enjoyed Kensington for a bit. After some mediocre sandwiches at the Grilled Cheese, we spent some time at the Blue Banana Market, which has come to be a bit of a place for us because we love kitschy things, especially kitschy kitchen things.

First Exam Summer

The end of my first UofT exam! Where better to be jubilant than outside of UC?

The real doozy, the big bang for the summer, came for me on June 25th, during the time between the first and second half of the semester. It was my birthday earlier in the month, and on June 25th Dani treated me to Medieval Times! It wasn’t just Medieval Times, though, we went on an almost four hour walk from campus to Medieval Times. The first thing we did was get a little bit of frozen yogurt, but found it uncomfortable with all the little kids running around. We enjoyed it outside as we traded some Pokemon and back off we went! We went through Little Portugal, and we even passed through a small farmer’s market down Dufferin. We made sure to stop in a few places, a BMV there, an Midoco art store here, and another book store called Seeker’s. With a quick pit stop at Popeye’s to refuel, we kept our pace and got to Medieval Times just in time to enjoy yet more kitschy stuff! Their adorable gift shop full of crap only a kid or myself could enjoy! Dani got me a sword! I have a sword. It’s my sword. I love my sword! One day I will get the axe, the big sword, the dagger and the shield! One day! The ride home was even nice, it wasn’t a special ride, we just took a bus up from Medieval Times to Wilson subway station, but resting on her head as she rested on my shoulder and just traveling was great. We parted ways at Dufferin & Steeles, as we went up the 105 from Downsview. A beautiful night with a beautiful woman and I couldn’t have wanted more.

Medieval Times Summer

The big day! The real big day! Medieval Times!

Now came the second half of my summer. I had two courses, one of them I was great at, the other completely beat me down. Yet somehow I ended up with a B+ in both courses at the end! Bombed one assignment taking away my almost-90-something%, and I somehow pulled through my exam on the other to draw up from my 60-something%. What a strange semester!

On that first day my second semester, though, June 29th, Dani and I made for the Distillery District. Another great summer walk to remember! What a walk! We didn’t really anticipate the distance between campus and the Distillery District, but there’s nothing we love quite like a good walk. So we marched from campus on down, and marveled at the strangely clean streets in the ritzy areas we were walking through, and some of the old architecture the city has kept around. Dani loved a particular building, this little thing jutting into the intersection and separating two one-way streets.

We also stuffed our faces with some delicious Cinnamon Apple Pie popcorn from yet another kitschy kitchen-stuff place. I can’t remember the name, but we probably spent most of our time in it, giggling at silly little things. We went back up town and found ourselves at Kinton in North York, enjoying it for the first time. Remains the best I’ve had in Toronto.

Distillery District Summer

The best ramen I’ve ever had on the left, the tastiest popcorn in the middle, and the happiest two fools on the right.


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