Our Summer 2015 Part I: Mikaius

(The next group of posts will be a 5-part series from Mikaius. Learn a little more about the city of Toronto, student life at UofT, and how it feels to eat your way through the summer from CSDD’s reclusive editor, Mikaius!)

From April 2014 to May 2015, I was stuck in purgatory. I had graduated from Seneca College’s little diploma program of Liberal Arts, without any intention of carrying it further. After graduation, I tried getting into trades and figuring out what I wanted to do, but I spent a year in that stateless way, not knowing what the status of my application was. In the end, I decided to carry my diploma further. May 2015 marked my return to school: I was now attending the University of Toronto at the St. George campus, taking some Classics courses as a visiting student.

Before my first week of classes, I was able to get a few days of Dani to myself. These kinds of sleepovers are always the best. If we can swing them, we get an empty house to ourselves, and we cook and cuddle to our hearts’ content. She had just finished a four month Hell-semester at school, though, never getting the sleep she needed. So for the first day of our long weekend, I put her to bed and left her to nap undisturbed while I went out with some of our friends to watch Age of Ultron. The next morning, we made ube French toast! It was amazing. (05/05/15)


Beginning of the Summer

Taken on our walk to find my classes.


The week after, as I said, my classes started. Nothing complicated this time, just a 100-level Classics course. Not a single new tidbit of information for me, but it was what I needed, something I could breeze into and through as I got back into academic-shape. Dani has always made sure to show me the buildings where my classes are on campus. UofT used to seem so big and intimidating before I started there. I wouldn’t say I know it like the back of my hand now, but I certainly know it well enough to walk end to end quickly and know which subway stop pops up where. That first day of class, I took a looooooooong route to where my building was and kind of wandered off track, back and forth. Google Maps wasn’t working well and without it I have the navigation sense of a deaf bat.

I’ll be frank, I hated that class. It was summer, it was 100-level, no one taking it knew a damn thing about Antiquity, and it was all things that had for so long been known to me, that I can’t help but think of it all as “common knowledge”. The better part of taking this course, however, was it was only three days a week, and campus is close to where Dani was doing work with the Kapisanan. This meant that after my days of class, on absolutely beautiful and stunning Toronto summer days, I’d get to waddle over down College Street to Augusta Avenue and pay her a visit (along with paying a visit to all the delicious food places there). The two months that I took this course gave us tons of days together, just walking around and visiting places. (11/05/15)

During that first half of the summer, Dani and I got to go for a nice little walk over at High Park for Victoria Day. All in all, it was a good day, we walked through the little wooded area before meandering off to Ten Editions just off St. George campus, and concluding our day after riding up and down Spadina on the street cars. We went to a little book store called Ten Editions for a bit, walked around that area for awhile. I think we got ice cream, I can’t really remember what we ended up doing around there, just remember riding the street car. (18/05/15)


High Park

Preparing the cookies and walking around High Park.


Later in the month we finally did something we’d been toying around with, in part because it was relevant to my courses, Friday Night Live at the ROM. What a wonderful night! We got there good and early with our pre-bought tickets (we even got to be front of the line!), so it was like our own private night there. We tried on some armours and outfits, dug up some dinosaur bones and strolled around the Hellenic and Italian ancient art exhibits. When the place got loud, we got out, and concluded that wonderful night. (22/05/15)


Ceiling of the ROM near one of the entrances.




Inside the ROM, enjoying the Greek collection.

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