Goodbye, Golden Arches

Last month, I officially quit my first job. I have been with the Golden Arches for four years and nine months (at least according to my LinkedIn profile’s calculations), and it was my first paying job as a new immigrant in Canada. I remember starting two days after my 20th birthday, back in 2010. I trained at the Hilda, Bathurst, and Centrepoint locations because my store, Richmond Hill Wal-Mart, wasn’t even officially opened yet at the time. I finished my run at the store as a part-time Team Coordinator.

I don’t think that I’ve really finished processing how it feels to let go of such a major security blanket in order for me to be better able to focus on something I loved (Kultura for Kapisanan). It was heartbreaking to have to make the decision to leave people that I’ve been working with for a long time, and a couple of them since we opened the store together. What made my last two weeks so emotional was the number of hugs and well-wishes that I received from my co-workers, and from a few people who worked at Wal-Mart. “I’m really going to miss you.” “You were honestly one of the best people working here.” “I’m going to miss you, darling.” “I wish you well.” “Good luck with the next steps.”

An old lady who I’ve come to develop a great working relationship is perhaps one of my most memorable co-workers. She doesn’t speak English fluently, but those of us who’d been working with her since the beginning understand her well. She and I made a great team. On my last day of work, just before I started my shift she she gave me a tight embrace and a gift. She said, “Always remember me, okay? Don’t forget me.” I almost cried.

Employee #3006 has now officially signed out for the last time.



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