We went on a grown-up (but not really) date: FNL ROM!


Mikaius picked me up from the K after his Intro to Classics class – because neither of us had eaten lunch, and it was already 4 in the afternoon, we decided to head over to St. Andrew Poultry for a late meal. He had the Joy Fried Chicken, which he had been craving for daaaaaaays before we finally made it to the store. This delicious, delicious chicken was gone in a flash.


I ordered the lamb shawarma – look at how beautiful that presentation is! I especially loved the eggplant and slaw, and the lamb was seasoned perfectly. We sat at the counter facing the chefs and made small talk; it was too beautiful an afternoon to be spent eating delicious food while facing a wall. We got to try free samples of the brisket, courtesy of the really, really friendly Chef Jomar.

Previous review of St. Andrew Poultry.


We were so glad that we pre-bought the tickets for FNL: the line for those without tickets was incredible. We were one of the first to get in, and the only hassle was that I had to dump out my water. T___T I’m sorry guards, I was still on the tail end of a flu and needed to stay hydrated.


We spent the night happily walking around mostly-empty wings like the kid’s section (where we played dress up!) and the Greek/Roman area. We didn’t really want to party, we just wanted to be able to have the place (mostly) to ourselves. It was fun! Seen here are my Jackson Pollock jeans, worn solely because Mikaius once said they make me look “artsy.”


This really, really heavy headpiece was from the kid’s area – modeled here by Mikaius. Ain’t he purdy? This ended up as one of the featured photos of the night on the ROM site.


That’s a kraken on a vase.


And that is a ram-shaped vase.


And this one is a pig-vase! How could I not take a picture of this incredibly adorable little thing? I wanted to buy a replica and take it home!


In the end, we left the museum just as the party was getting really revved up because the crowds were getting loud – but we had a really good time, and would probably do it again. We wanted to go to the ROM at least once this summer, because this was where we went on our first date one cold February afternoon two years ago.

This is shaping up to be a summer of good memories. 🙂



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