Book Baubles: Carter Edition

Fairy tales are best to read on days when the sun is bright outside, and there are kids playing on the green grass. The fairy tales from Angela Carter‘s the Bloody Chamber are better read in the dusk and twilight, and best in the middle of the night. Try not to listen too closely to that little kid’s giggle coming from the back of your closet.

Here are the baubles I recommend for you to get into the macabre mood of this beautiful little book!

1. A pretty, princess-y dress! This one is the Star Chaser Dress from Etsy shop PennyBluBoutique.

Before you sink into that couch and immerse yourself in the experience of the Bloody Chamber, throw on a pretty dress that has you feeling like a princess. It’s just in keeping with the fairy tale theme of this week, wouldn’t you think? Get this gorgeous, bohemian-princess racerback here, from PennyBluBoutique.

2. Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber.

It wouldn’t be a proper Book Baubles list if the post didn’t have a copy of the book itself, now, would it? I recommend this particular one because of the inner cover/bookmark flap. Now if that isn’t deliciously macabre, I don’t know what is! Get your copy from bookdepository – free shipping is always great!


3. The Company of Wolves, directed by Neil Jordan.


Okay, so you might think that this movie looks a little too cheesy to be enjoyable, but I assure you that it is! I saw this in an English class, and while the special effects might not look very appealing, give it a chance. And bring lots of popcorn. Get it from Amazon here.

(Featured Image taken from: Helen Nowell Illustration,


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