First Day Back at School!


Mikaius and I happened upon a used bookstore near school that was bigger on the inside than on the outside. It’s right next to campus, too – I got really excited at the thought of spending free hours there! I know more savvy UofT students know exactly where Willow Books is, but I just never really drifted over to that side of campus. I was missing out!


While Mikaius was in his Classics lecture, I went next door to Kelly library to work on Kapisanan stuff for a little while. I also got myself the Storyteller for 50 cents from the bargain books table at Kelly! The Philosopher’s Stone is for Mikaius. We had been watching the Harry Potter movies for the past couple of weeks, and he said he would read the first book.


Afterwards, we walked from St. George to Eaton Centre for Chipotle. I got the steak bowl, he got the carnitas burrito. While both were really, really good, I was unpleasantly reminded that cilantro tastes like soap flakes in my mouth.


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