Saturday Afternoon Walks


It rained pretty hard this morning as I was headed to my shift as a fast food slave. Rather inconvenient, but makes for an interesting picture. This was taken at the Bathurst and Steeles bus stop at 7:45AM.


James, Bryan, Kevin and I had dinner at Maroli’s, an amazing Indian restaurant near Bathurst Station. I had the chicken tikka masala, which is the one on the bottom of the photo. It was absolutely delicious  In fact, I am having the leftovers as I type this out. The other dish in the photo is butter chicken, which was Kevin’s pick.


Afterwards, James steered our little group to Midoco because he needed a card for Mother’s Day, and I internally freaked out. I love notebooks! If I ever had a spare $100 it would most likely go to stationery.


More notebooks! Although I love me my big Moleskines (whose covers I collage before using them), I do want to try other brands, as well.


Multi-pack notebooks are my absolute favourite kind. Mikaius and I are definitely checking this place out. 


We went to a park for a bit after eating and walking around. This is from the book I am currently (re)reading, Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber.


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