Book Baubles: Wilde Edition

Summer is just on the cusp of fully happening – while you’re in that lull between seasons, why not take a break by sinking into the world that Oscar Wilde created?

1. Vintage copy of Dorian Gray from the 1960s, Eager for Word.


There’s nothing wrong with reading on an ereader, or picking up a paperback for the sheer convenience of the reading experience. But if you happen to fall in love with Dorian Gray’s story and want a gorgeous, vintage copy, pick this one up! Buy it here, from Etsy seller Eager for Word.

2. Dorian Gray, directed by Oliver Parker.


Don’t really feel like reading on a summer’s day, but still have a few hours to kill? Get the DVD of Oliver Park’s Dorian Gray here, and marvel over Ben Barnes’ beautiful face.

3. Eternity scarf, LiteratiClub.


If you’re in an area where spring is a little chilly, get this beauty here to declare your new favourite book.

4. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a film by Stephen Norrington

league_gentlemen_01I first discovered Dorian Gray through this film, so it seemed wrong to leave it out of this list. Enjoy Sean Connery’s last leading film role before he retired!

(Featured image credit: WilhelmBlack on DeviantArt,


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