Toronto Bites: Kenzo

Interior - Kenzo

Kenzo’s cosy interior! Let me tell ya, it was a welcome reprieve from the biting cold.

In the category of late posts in CSDD, this is probably the latest one. Mikaius and I went to Kenzo in late February, when snow and slush was still on the ground, and now it’s May! That doesn’t change the relevancy of this post though – ramen is always, always relevant.

Read on for a short review on one of our favourite ramen places, Kenzo!

Mikaius: Dani prefers Ajisen for the more spacious area, the different noodles and the presentation of the dishes. I like Ajisen, too, for their variety and location, but Kenzo never lets me down. They don’t have as many options, and the restaurant is slimmer, but I am good and comfy in those little booths.

Dani: Mikaius is right – I do prefer Ajisen for the general lay-out of the space, but also because it’s so much more accessible to me especially when I’m headed back down to North York from St. George. That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t go to Kenzo, though, because I absolutely will. I love their rice bowls!

Spicy Ramen - Kenzo

Spicy Orochang Chicken Ramen! Mikaius says he enjoyed it quite a bit.

Mikaius: The Spicy Orochang Chicken Ramen was what I wanted. The broth was spicy, but not overpowering, and I was able to gobble up most of it without a second thought. The presentation may not have been regal, but I always like a solid melange of colours, the peppers gave a good crunch and a good display to the dish. With the flavour, the chicken cuts were gloriously soaked by the time I got to them in the bowl. Dani’s ginger beef also went really well with the broth!

Ginger Beef Rice Bowl - Kenzo

The presentation on the Ginger Beef Fried Rice was absolutely gorgeous, and a welcome change from seeing greys and whites in the winter.

Dani: I was pleasantly suprised by the Ginger Beef Fried Rice in two ways: the bowl was beautiful, and it tasted amazing! The delicate taste of ginger complemented the beef and rice, and the miso soup was the perfect accompaniment to it. I was not a fan of the salad, although that may also be because I’m not a salad person in general. I also tried a little bit of Mikaius’ ramen, and it was delicious! A flavourful kind of spicy, not  one of those mindless burn-your-tongue-off-without-tasting-the-flavour kinds of spicy.

Mikaius: I’d absolutely recommend Kenzo. It’s fair to say I recommend most places, because you’d have to pour my food over my head in order for me to not like food. However, Kenzo really is a great bit of ramen that gives you the flavours you want, if not the presentation you want. Thumbs up!

Dani: 3/5, but of course I’d go back again. Only if Mikaius wants to, though, because Kenzo is a bit out of the way for me.

Overall: Would visit again!

Click here for Kenzo’s website!


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