Toronto Bites: St. Andrew Poultry

Mikaius and I spent an early morning on campus doing student-y things to prepare for the summer semester, like getting photos taken for IDs, getting enrolled for classes, and walking around Uni checking out the sights. There’d been muffins and other pastries at the orientation session, but since neither of us had been able to have a substantial breakfast by the time lunchtime came along both of us were pretty pooped and soooo ready for food!

St. Andrew Poultry has been on our super long to-try list for a couple of months, ever since one of my co-workers mentioned how good their chicken was and brought in a take-out menu back to the office. Fried chicken sounded really good to two starving students on a cold spring day, so we decided to drop by and see if the experience matched the hype. Buuuut, we’re also really good with maps so we managed to have trouble with what was supposed to be a short 15-minute walk from campus to St. Andrew – and when I say “we,” I actually just mean “me.” I am terrible with maps. Eru knows why Mikaius stays with me.

Read on for a short review of our St. Andrew Poultry experience!

Exterior - St. Andrew

I love that distinctive sign!

Mikaius: I love Kensington. I love that everything there is small. I love small restaurants that go further back than they are wide, that aren’t playing loud modern pop songs and classic rock. I love All-Stars Wings, but the day I sit inside of it to eat is the day I die. This is something that Kensington offers in spades: locally-owned and operated places to eat with a sense of personality, calm and kindness. Unsurprisingly, St. Andrew Poultry was another lovely experience in which I was absolutely happy.

Dani: I share Mikaius’ love of the Kensington area! Even setting aside the fact that I work there, I have always loved the atmosphere of the place – truth be told, it reminds me of home. Plus, all of the food places there that I’ve had the pleasure of eating at have never disappointed – taste explosions and orgasms on my tongue and in my mouth. I’m glad that Mikaius is open to exploring the city on foot: it allows us to have a more nuanced personal experience of Toronto, and we get to share a lot of food together!

Joy Fried Chicken - St. Andrew

This was pretty amazing chicken! The skin was crisp, the meat was flavourful – but what really made this pop were the fries. Jesus, those fries.

Mikaius: What says happy more than fried chicken? Joy Fried Chicken! This is the St. Andrew version of fried chicken and it is delectable. We ordered the dark meat, and boy, was it tasty. The order also came with a great big helping of fries. The fries were, strangely enough, the star for me. The chicken was unmatched, but I’ve never tasted fries like these before. I wish I had the culinary capacity to know what the seasoning was by taste, but it was delicious and different.

Dani: The Joy Fried Chicken was great! As you can see from the photo, the skin was all kinds of crispy, which is one of my benchmarks for good fried chicken. And the taste? Like nothing I’ve ever had before, which is saying a lot because fried chicken is one of my favourite things in the world. I agree with Mikaius though – those fries were addictive. I don’t have the skill to know what seasoning they put in those tasty things, but I would definitely come back again and again for those fries.

Chicken Shawarma - NU Bugel

There was something about this chicken shawarma that I found super yummy. I think I might have liked it more than the Joy Fried Chicken.

Mikaius: The second part of the order was the chicken shawarma in a pita. It was as good as the Joy Fried Chicken, filled to the brim with vegetables and flavouring, the chicken was coated in a wonderful yellow sauce. It was flavourful, crunchy where it needed to be and made my tongue dance. As well, they put a little garnish of fries to help absorb the inevitable leak of the delicious juices from the open mouth of the pita, and I love those fries.

Dani: Even though that fried chicken was wonderful, what won the day for me was the chicken shawarma in a pita! The photo doesn’t do it justice (I know I need to get better at food photography!), but I loved it all: the vegetables, the flavour, the chunks of chicken, that sauce. This is for sure what I will order the next time I come in, although perhaps I shall order it in a bowl instead of in a pita because I am such a messy eater.

MIkaius: Absolutely I would recommend St. Andrew Poultry! They get a solid thumbs up! If you’re anywhere near Kensington, you like the goodness that is chicken (though their menu includes lamb, brisket and other goodies!), then go and stuff your face full of happytastes! Gogogo!

Dani: 4/5! I have been recommending this to my close friends, and two of them have already been converted to the great taste of St. Andrew.

Overall: Would very happily go back again!

Check out their website and their Instagram page!


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