Book Baubles: of the Dead Edition

Starting with an anti-recommendation, a condemnation. Do not watch the World War Z movie, it is a sham and it is terrible. It is not a good adaption of the source material, it is not a good horror or action movie, and it is not even a good movie. I love Brad Pitt, I love the WWZ book, I love zombies, I love horror movies, I love action movies, but I hate this stupid movie. Pirate it if you want to see it; do not let any money change hands towards this refuse.

With the damnation out of the way, it’s time for damned great materials! It isn’t hard to find zombies in any medium these days, but it is a little harder to find good works amongst that. With that said, here’s a starter’s guide to zombies in games, books and movies:

(1) Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide is the comedic companion piece to the stern World War Z. A trip through tropes, providing a background and insight into the functional zombie of Max Brook’s fiction. A little piece of work that exists the fiction of World War Z, and establishing a history and world for the zombies to inhabit. Easily available at the Book Depository.

(2) Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Now this is a movie. A dyed in the wool, festival of undead horrors. As ever in a Romero zombie movie, the threat isn’t the zombies, but the people. Night of the Living Dead saw the beginning of the outbreak, Dawn of the Dead the spread and attempt at containment. With Day of the Dead, the apocalypse is over, and all that remains are ghouls. A group of scientists desperate to understand the zombie plague, a group of soldiers that don’t care, and civilians that just want to be left alone.

Amazon carries it nice and cheap, but you can walk into any place selling DVDs and Blu-Rays to get a copy.

(3) Dead Island

Dead Island

This game is a special thing. It isn’t good. In fact, it’s a terrible little thing. It’s ugly, the story is so bad you’ll want to tear off your ears, and the latter half of the game is beyond tedious and boring. The start is fantastic, the atmosphere is tense, and the gameplay is fluid. If you have a gamepad plugged in (played this on PC), there is an option for “Analogue” control, which allows you to finesse your swings and strength. It’s an interesting system, and before the game burns itself with Dead Rising-type weapons and crafting, the more simple “real” weapons offer the closest I’ve felt to being in a zombie movie of any game.

It’s incredibly cheap now, and frequently on deep discount if you use Steam. Also comes with all the DLC in tow. Absolutely worth a couple bucks, crack some skulls and lop off some limbs.

Runner-up anti-recommendations: Everything George Romero “of the Dead” post-Day of the Dead. Dude lost his touch. The Walking Dead series is boring and not worth seconds let alone seasons (no idea of the comics, never read ‘em, not interested, but I hear they and the TellTale games (currently in its second season) are great).

Honourable mentions: Shaun of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead are top of their class zombie movies, the two former being great fun and the latter a little sad, a little funny, pretty cheesy and real great.

For anyone looking to get their hands on World War Z itself, Book Depository is still  the place to be.

(Header image taken from Hardcoregamer.)

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