Toronto Bites: NU Bügel

Interior - NU Bugel

NU Bugel’s gorgeous counter. While I still wish that we sat at the enclosed porch, it was almost worth it for that chalkboard menu. Not in the picture: the bagels staked on wooden pegs.

Mikaius and I finally managed to steal a little time from our busy schedules to visit a couple of new (to us) food places at Kensington Market. Coming up in the next weeks will be several KM-themed Toronto Bites posts, from experiences that we were only all too eager to dive into, and equally as eager to share with everyone. Today’s edition of Toronto Bites will be about NU Bügel, a great little bagel place down at Augusta Avenue!

Coconut bagel with peanut butter - NU Bugel

Coconut bagel with a hearty serving of smooth peanut butter.

Dani: Going in, I was very excited about trying the coconut bagel out of the several different types that they offer (plain, poppy, sesame, everything, onion, coconut, and whole wheat). Since I wasn’t very hungry and only wanted a light snack, I ordered the coconut bagel with peanut butter instead of getting a sandwich. I was actually more than half-tempted to get Nutella on my bagel, but because I was also ordering a mug of hot chocolate I figured that having chocolate on chocolate would be overkill. The overall experience was rather meh. The bagel itself was so-so, and the peanut butter was spread so thick that even with hot chocolate to wash it down a lot of the PB stuck to the roof of my mouth with every bite. I ended up eating only half of my bagel, which was so messy because of the generous layer of PB.

NY Pastrami + Onion Bagel

New York Style Pastrami on an onion bagel: seasoned NY pastrami with baby arugula and boursin + a side salad.

Mikaius: My order was the NY Style Pastrami (seasoned NY pastrami with baby arugula and boursin) on an onion bagel. The bagel was delicious and flavoured, the seasoning for the sandwich itself was just right. It also had a very small salad on the side, which couple well with the bagel between bites. The pastrami was very nice, and came right apart without any struggle, while the heavy helping of boursin provided a good addition to the overall flavour.

Hot chocolate - NU Bugel

Probably the best hot chocolate I’ve had, ever.

Dani: It’s not an exaggeration when I say that NU Bügel served me one of the tastiest cups of hot chocolate that I’ve had in my five-year stay in Toronto! It was delicious – went down smooth, was very flavourful, and had a hearty dollop of whipped cream on top. With my bagel being a lackluster experience, this was the shining star of my meal.

Capuccino - NU Bugel

It was a perfectly adequate capuccino, we think. Nothing to write home about.

Mikaius: I had a little cappuccino to go with it, but unfortunately, I always forget that I don’t actually like coffee drinks, and there is a reason I throw a couple sweeteners in when I make my own.

Dani: The staff, though, was amazing! They were so helpful and cheery, that you can’t help but be happy the moment you walk in. I’d definitely come back with a group of friends for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. It also seems to be a terrific option for a date place, if you and your partner felt like having bagels!

Mikaius: The service was absolutely fantastic. The place itself is a nice little shop, compact but comfortable. The staff was stylish and gave us service with a smile, bringing over our drinks and chatting with people as they came in. The mood was incredibly friendly and polite.

Dani: Will I come back for snacks? Of course! 3.5/5.

Mikaius: If you like bagels, if you like sandwiches, then this place is for you. Definitely thumbs up. Will eat again.

Overall: would go back again!

Click here to access their website. They have Instagram too!

(Editor’s note: For my scores, as Mikaius, I’m going to be using a thumbs up/down system from herein out, as I prefer to simply recommend or not recommend places. The minutia of integral-scoring is lost on me.)


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