Book Baubles: Coraline Edition

I’m really loving all the different Coraline-themed things that can be found out there! It was almost a little too hard to narrow down, but here are my three favourites!

1. A graphic novel of the story, if you can’t get enough of the movie and/or the book.


I’d say 4 1/2 stars means it’s a pretty good edition. Get it here!

2. A necklace, from AnyShapeNecklaces.


This one’s just awesome, and distressed enough to be believable! Get it here for that awesome little Coraline fan in your life – or get it for yourself. You deserve a treat, it’s Hump Day!

3. Or if you want something a little out of the ordinary that you can hang on your college dorm’s wall, here’s a print from HeadOnAPlateArt.


Get this spooky little print here.


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