Literature Monday: Star Wars Encyclopedia, Stephen J. Sansweet

Khairete, Mikaius remains your substitute book worm as Dani battles mighty deadlines.

Well, it’s time for a moment from my childhood. Growing up in the ’90s, I was lucky enough to enjoy Star Wars before the Prequels and the ’97 Remasters: I was just old enough to get the “real deal”, and it’s nice to have those memories. It’s even nicer to have silly expanded universe materials that predate and catalogue those old-ways, though this particular book is dated 1998, and the Remasters are 1997. When I was a Star Wars obsessed 8 year old walking around downtown Toronto with my parents, I saw this particular diamond (Star Wars Encyclopedia) and could not be parted with it – as well as, if I recall correctly, a book of super-cheat-codes they used to make in the ’90s. I remember thinking “oh this is so expensive!” (the cover slip is labeled $70CDN!) and being incredibly excited that my mom agreed to actually buy this monster for me.

The coolest part of it for little me was that I got the little tidbits and information, the condensed data, without having to sift through the very-awful actual Star Wars books. Little things like learning about how lightsabers worked:

“Seemingly simple in design, a lightsaber has a handle about twenty-four to thirty centimeters long that is usually hung from a belt. Inside are a power cell and multifaceted Adegan crystals or jewels (usually one to three) that focus the energy from the power source and release it through a concave disk atop the handle, where it appears in a tight and steady colored beam of light and energy about a meter long. When they are activated, lightsabers hum with their coursing energy. Although considered archaic by some, lightsabers can be powerful weapons after their users undergo extensive training.”

Honestly, at this point you could get this whole deal by just going to Wookiepedia, but it was great as a kid to have this stuff at my lightning-firing fingertips.

(Excerpt: Star Wars Encyclopedia, Stephen J. Sansweet)


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