Book Baubles: GRRM Edition

For this week’s Book Baubles, the focus is George RR “Evil Santa” Martin. As his works love getting into detail and describing things overlong, it’s only fitting that detailed works represent him in today’s Book Baubles. Let’s get to it!

(1) Fevre Dream, by George R.R. Martin


If you wanted the full story, here’s your ticket!

(2) Beautiful Woodblock Interpretations of Game of Thrones in Feudal Japan, by Sei-G on RedBubble.


If you’re one for visual reinterpretation, these sets are for you. Think of them as alternative history.

(3) Not really into reading? Hate visual arts? Love talky-talky-games? Then Telltale Games has you covered! Telltale’s games are known for their accurate portrayals of the material their games are based off, and for the quality of their writing. Pick it up from their own website linked above or grab it from Steam.


(Header image taken from Sei-G.)


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