Book Baubles: Joe Hill Edition

This week’s Book Bauble features Joe Hill three different ways: a book, a movie, and a sampler pack of comic books. Whichever way you want your dose of Hill, or whatever way you might want to introduce a friend to him, we have something for you!

(1) Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill


Has last Monday’s excerpt convinced you that you want more of Joe Hill? Of course it has! Here is where you can buy Heart-Shaped Box.

(2) Horns, a movie adaptation of the novel by the same name, directed by Alexander Aja.


Intrigued by Joe Hill’s style, but not quite in the mood for reading? Book Bauble’s got you covered! You can buy Horns here. Daniel Radcliffe was really good in this movie, as he is in all of the things he’s in.

(3) The Joe Hill Sampler by comiXology


If you’re more of a comic book person, worry not! Check out the Joe Hill Sampler by comiXology right over here. Of the three featured works, I’ve only read Locke and Key – yes, it’s an engrossing read, and the art is beautiful!


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