Reading Week Round-up!

Winter 2015’s Reading Week has been one of the best weeks of my life. I got to spend five days with Mikaius, and we spent our mornings cooking all kinds of great food for lunch. After our (heavy!) meals, he’d let me have the afternoon/early evening to myself while I worked on my school work. Attila came out this week, so that (and Rome II) kept him plenty busy while I plowed through such academic marvels as White Canada Forever by Howard Palmer for my paper on the history of anti-Asian racism in Canada, and The Exclusionary Politics of Creative Communities by Heather McLean and Barbara Rahder for my case study on the commodification of Kensington Market. I’ve been having an interesting week trying to balance my dismay at the depth of official (legal) racism in the not-so-distant past with the present-day multicultural – although by no means racism-free – situation in Canada.

We usually reconvened around dinner time, after which I would run on the elliptical and complete my work-out routine while we watched Monty Python. We went through an old copy of History of Rome last night – complete with maps and family trees – and he had a field day explaining Celtic migration patterns and Roman military tactics to me while we lazed around for a little while after dinner.


This is one of the burritos we made this week. It was massive. It was delicious. It was a thing of beauty that made me sad because I would eat it and it would be gone.

I’ve recently discovered Caustic Soda! I’ve been steadily going through their list of podcasts, but my current favourite is Kids Who Kill. I think I’ve found a new favourite podcast to add to my list, which currently has Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History in spot #1, Stuff You Missed In History Class in spot #2, and Stuff You Should Know in spot #3. For working out, I prefer Caustic Soda because it runs for over an hour, which means that I don’t have to switch over in the middle of my routine because the podcast has ended. I prefer a continuous flow when I need to go on undisturbed. Stuff You Missed and Stuff You Should Know are my picks when I’m commuting, because they run for the exact length of time that I’m underground in the subway.

On a side note, I hate how iTunes handles my podcast subscriptions, so I’ve resorted to listening on my Moto X using the app AntennaPod for Android. I love the very simple and user-friendly interface – I’ve had no problems with it, it never crashes and it saves close enough to the spot I just left when I accidentally yank my earbuds out of my phone while maneuvering in the crowded subway, which is, sadly, a very commonplace occurence for me.

I feel okay about how these past five days have gone, school-work wise. I finished my paper on the North York Committee of Adjustment, I’m halfway through source lists for two major papers, and the only thing left to do today (Friday) is my thesis proposal for a fourth year seminar.

I think I can afford to sleep in for a little bit tomorrow. Yeah, I think I’m going to do that.


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