Book Baubles: Anis Edition

If you really liked last Monday’s Come Closer, I have no doubt that you’ll love Shake The Dust and This Is How She Makes Me Feel. Listen to those performances, put your feet up, and lay down for a while. Frosty February mornings make for good quiet times with yourself.

This week’s Book Baubles:

(1) Songs From Under The River, Anis Mojgani


If you can’t get enough of the man’s poetry, snag a copy of one of his books here.
(PSA: Book Depository’s books are almost always heavily discounted, and they deliver free worldwide. You’re welcome.)

(2) Poetry Crystal, Anis Mojgani via Denik


If you want a little piece of his art, this notebook is one that he illustrated himself. Available here.

(3) Shake The Dust Shirt, To Write Love on Her Arms


This neat t-shirt is available here. Cool bonus: the entire poem is printed on the inside of the shirt.

(Book Baubles is linked with its Literature Monday counterpart in the header menu.)


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