Literature Monday: JRR Tolkien, The Mariner’s Wife

As the people who are close to me can attest, I am absolutely in love with the universe that JRR Tolkien created. His stories might be hard to get through sometimes, but once you get to immerse yourself in it, his landscape is incredibly gorgeous. My favourite of all his stories are The Children of Hurin, and The Mariners’s Wife.

This Literature Monday excerpt is from The Mariner’s Wife. The tale itself deals with themes like love, abandonment, and the conflict between commitment to a relationship and what one is passionate about. It’s also a study of how the Numenoreans lived before the Fall of Numenor, which I found absolutely fascinating set against the backdrop of a very human love story.

They rode then together to the house of Beregar her father, and there Aldarion made plain his desire for betrothal to Erendis; but now Erendis was reluctant, though according to custom and the life of her people it was now full time for her marriage. Her love for him was not lessened, now did she retreat out of guile, but she feared now in her heart that in the war between herself and the Sea for the keeping of Aldarion she would not conquer. Never would Erendis take less, that she might not lose all, and fearing the Sea, and begrudging to all ships the felling of trees which she loved, she determined that she must utterly defeat the Sea and the ships, or else be herself defeated utterly.

(Excerpt: The Mariner’s Wife, JRR Tolkien) 


2 thoughts on “Literature Monday: JRR Tolkien, The Mariner’s Wife

  1. Eric

    I couldn’t agree more about the Mariner’s Wife. It’s very unTolkien – like, but so well done (up to the point he just sort of fizzles out). I need to reread this tonight. Thanks for the reminder!

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