New Year: Blessings and Resolutions

2015 for me started with wonderful news: my doctor finally approved our plan of taking me off my maintenance medication! Granted, it’s only for a trial period of two months, but I’m thankful for the rest period after two years of dosage tweaks bouncing from 40 mg a day to 5 mg a day. I’ve never enjoyed taking meds, not because I don’t see the value in it but because I’m so forgetful! I’ll forget to take it during assigned times and happily go about my day, oblivious to the little container of tablets in my purse. It got so bad that Mikaius finally set up an alarm on his phone labelled “Dani’s meds,” because I would otherwise just go without.

I decided that since I was given the chance to be healthy again, I would do it properly this time around. I started going to the gym regularly (I try to go 3x a week, and would gladly go daily but my schedule won’t permit it). I’ve been eating healthier: oatmeal, fruits, milk, smaller portions, less junk food. Chocolate is my one indulgence, and by indulgence, I mean one small piece after meals for dessert.

Let’s be healthy this 2015!


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