Literature Monday: Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire

It is an open secret that I love horror fiction. I first became enamoured with it when I was 12 or 13. I had discovered a little bookshop during my afternoon commute after school, and it just so happened that their display stack of choice that month was Anne Rice. Interview With A Vampire was in fact my first foray into the world of vampire literature, and I have since become a staunch fan of Anne Rice.

On a side note, Interview was the book that indirectly led to me obliviously breaking a boy’s heart when I was in my late teens. He had heard that I liked the book, and so lent me his copy upon finding out that I had lost mine. We met at the local mall a few weeks later so I could return it, and he showed up in all his teenage boy glory, wearing perfume that I could smell from a mile away and clothes that were rather too dressy for the mall. All I did that afternoon was give him back his book and then go home. I didn’t even stay to hang out for a little bit. Like I said, oblivious.

Here is today’s excerpt, taken from one of my favourite undead literary characters: Louis de Point du Lac.

“And I dreamed now too much. I dreamed too long, in the prison of this ship, in the prison of my body, attuned as it was to the rise of every sun as no mortal body had ever been. And my heart beat faster for the mountains of eastern Europe, finally, beat faster for the one hope that somewhere we might find in that primitive countryside the answer to why under God this suffering was allowed to exist – why under God it was allowed to begin, and how under God it might be ended. I had not the courage to end it, I knew, without that answer. And in time the waters of the Mediterranean became, in fact, the waters of the Black Sea.”

(Excerpt: Interview With The Vampire, Anne Rice)


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