Coffee Shop Thoughts

I am so happy to be alone – I’ve not had a quiet day to myself in months! Granted, most of today will be spent studying for my exams on Tuesday and Thursday so it isn’t really a me-day, but to have a couple moments every so often just to sip my tea while looking out of the cafe window at the autumn foliage is nothing short of blissful.

Every so often, about once every four or five weeks, I get the urge to go take a walk by myself. I usually catch up on my podcasts – Stuff You Missed in History Class and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History are my current favourites – but my favourite thing to do is actually just pop in my earbuds without listening to anything and let the everyday chatter roll over me like waves. The best places to do this, I have found, are my neighbourhood thrift stores and the dollar store across the street. I am left in peace to browse cheap books and vintage clothes, letting my mind drift away. Once in a while, I’ll sit down at my favourite coffee shop, but doing nothing while sitting at a table actually makes me feel guilty because I associate coffee shops with homework. When I’m home alone, I usually make myself a pot of the unhealthiest carbonara imaginable and then watch the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. That, or watch cartoons all day.

Whatever I choose to do, I always feel like spending time by myself is a necessity. It helps me recharge after being immersed in the exhausting whirl of work and school. Quiet times are necessary for my sanity.

By the way – Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass has been stuck in my head for about a week now. It’s a rather pleasant earworm.


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