Today was a good day for me!

A day of free sweets, cheap books, and pasalubong

(1) The professor for my 10-12 Geographies of Gender and Migration class bought muffins for everybody during our seven minute break. Thanks Prof. Silvey!


Cookie monster muffin!

(2) I meandered out to the Robarts Library to withdraw money for lunch, and happened upon a secondhand book sale! I got all three of these babies for $1! I’m halfway through A Year in Provence – I shall probably be posting a review sometime next month.


(3) I went in to work and my supervisor gave me a canister of coloured pencils from the homeland! I was going to get markers to use while studying, but these will last me longer. Thanks Kat! 🙂


It has been a rather hectic couple of weeks for me, but it’s the things like this that keep me going. It’s the little pockets of peace in the flurry of activity that allows me to catch my breath and gird myself for the onslaught of requirements that constitute the life of a student. Back to the grind now!


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