Girl’s Night Out with Anice Jewellery!

I won a Girl’s Night Out voucher to Anice Jewellery last August, and boy, am I glad that this was the prize that I was given! It was such an enjoyable learning experience, where I and three of my friends were exposed to the joys of jewelry-making by Anice storeowner Brittany Hopkins in her gorgeously feminine shop! This has honestly been one of the most fun-filled workshops I have had the pleasure of participating in. Thank you again, Anice!


Old Treasures. New Love.

White wine, light snacks, beads and chains and sparkly pendants – these are the components to a great night out with your closest friends. Britt made sure that Jhona, Rita, Kenneth and I felt welcome, and she encouraged us to create pieces that were as personal as they were gorgeous.

Britt’s shop is overflowing with creative vibes. Her beautiful jewelry – long drapey necklaces, various kinds of rings and bracelets, whimsical headpieces – were all displayed around the shop in a way that draws you in. Her pieces are strong and compelling, ranging from dainty silver chains and leather stringed beauties, to statement pieces with bold pendants like sterling silver bull heads and vintage lighters. The endless possibilities of custom creations were looking at us from every corner of the jewelry box-like space as the workshop was going on, and it was absolutely inspirational!


Our worktable and the giant bowl of chips. Not in the picture: the bottle of white wine that we demolished.

Britt began the workshop by introducing us to the three tools that we would be using for our private lesson: the round nose pliers, the cutters, and the squishers. She also included a little beginner’s pack on our work tray that had wire, chains, and a bead for us to practice on before we actually worked on our personal pieces. I was honestly a little apprehensive that my clumsy fingers wouldn’t be able to pull off such delicate work, but Britt is an amazing teacher! She took the time to individually show us things like how the wire-wrapping should look like, how far we should bend the wire to make the coils, and how close to cut after we had tucked in the end of the wire with the squishers.

My station

(1) The chains, ring clasps, and wire that came with the beginner’s pack, (2) The three tools that became my best friends that night, and (3) the components of what would become my final piece!

After Britt showed the group the basics of jewelry-making, it was time to focus on our own creations! We were free to browse the shop and look for inspiration, and she gamely answered all our questions regarding the different kinds of things that were available for our use that night. She let us choose what materials we would be working with to make our signature pieces – there were drawers upon drawers of sparklies, pendants, stones, silver and gold accents, eccentric beads, charms, the list goes on. Name it, and she probably has it. She gave us a treasure chest’s worth of beautiful things to work with.


Rita, Jhona, Kenneth and I looking for materials for our custom necklaces. Photo from Anice’s Instagram account:

In the end, I chose bronze tones and pearl accents on a leather string, with the main pendant being a several beads on a safety pin that I fell in love with at first sight. I am sure that I’ll be wearing this necklace for a very long time.


This is my final piece! Sorry for the low-quality photos – three different ways of wearing the necklace. I am quite in love with it and I feel like I am going to wear it pretty much everyday.

All in all, Anice Jewellery gave my friends and I a great night tinkering with chains, clasps, stones, and all sorts of beautiful things. All four of us left happy with our personal creations, and in fact are planning to join one of her workshops again. I would highly recommend her to other people looking for date night ideas, or even simply just browsing for gorgeous jewelry. The Girl’s Night Out package is highly recommended – wine, light snacks, and jewelry-making are almost certainly going to lead to a great night and many happy memories.

Overall Rating: 5/5, would definitely go again. Highly recommended. 

Check out Anice Jewellery’s website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts! If you’re looking for ideas for date nights and weekends, this is one place I strongly encourage you to go to!


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