I finally got all my courses together!

Class is starting again in September, and I am so looking forward to getting back into the student grind. I love my summer Intern experiences so much, because I feel like they have given me a new perspective on where I want my life to lead, but I also feel like I need more knowledge if my goals are eventually to be reached. Hopefully, this degree in Diaspora/Transnational Studies and Urban Studies will help me get there.

My course list for September looks really interesting!  Here are the classes I will be taking in the Fall and Winter Semesters:

  • DTS401H1 S – Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora, Literature
  • GGR320H1 F – Geographies of Transnationalism, Migration, and Gender
  • GGR327H1 F – Geography and Gender
  • HIS263Y1 Y – Introduction to Can History
  • HIS312H1 F – Immigration to Canada
  • INI235Y1 Y – Interdisciplinarity
  • JGI346H1 S – Urban Planning Proces
  • JQR360H1 S – Canadian Census

As you can see, it is now more tightly focused on the Diaspora/Transnational Studies and Urban Studies part of my degree. I have finished my English minor, and I am finally free from the clutches of courses like Medieval English! While both DTS and US are rather broad in their approach, taking them together as a double major has allowed me to tailor the courses I am taking into what I want to focus on in my undergrad – the immigrant community in Canada, and more specifically, in Toronto. I am going to try and approach a couple of professors for my final year (’15-’16, hopefully) and see if I can have an Independent Study course which will focus on the Filipino community, as I have found a dearth of classes dealing with Filipinos in Canada. The invisibility is rather disturbing, but I believe that this will get better.

Time-wise, my schedule is rather forgiving. I have earlier classes in the Fall, and later classes in the Winter – which works really well, because I do not want to be walking against the icy wind, in the knee-high snowdrifts that the Canadian winters bring, at 8 o’clock in the freaking morning. They say that Tim Horton’s coffees are the Canadian version of mittens, but I’m telling you, it’s hard to hold a cup of coffee when you have tiny hands and your gloves are bulky.

I’m also planning on getting a new backpack, because the one I’m currently using doesn’t have quite enough space for all the things I want to bring. If it was only my Macbook Air and my wallet, then I’m good to go – but I have an insulated tumbler for water, my pencil case, looseleaf binder, lunch… You get the picture. I’m in love with these two bags from Roxy. Hurray for free shipping for Canadians!

I can’t wait for September.


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