Toronto Bites: Cora’s

Disclaimer: I am very much a loyal Cora’s fan. It is my go-to place for brunch whenever I can, because their serving sizes are great, all the dishes I’ve had there were amazing, and my family (who, as I’ve mentioned before is very Filipino in their tastes) loved the restaurant enough that there were no complaints at all when I took them there for Family Day. My go-to order? Their ham and cheese crepe-omelette: moist, flavourful, and doused with a liberal amount of their beautiful hollandaise sauce. I usually have it with orange juice, or a cup of coffee on the rare days that I really need that blast of caffeine.


Cora’s, I love your food. You will always have a lifelong customer in me. Please never go away.

Mikaius and I had breakfast at the Cora’s at Dufferin and Steeles, and (as always), it was a great experience. It’s such a treat to go and have breakfast there, and it’s not just because of their food! The restaurant was immaculate, and I love the wall murals featuring some of the menu items. It gives the place a homey atmosphere, almost like we’re having breakfast at some beloved aunt or grandma’s place. The combination of the well-maintained interior and the cheeriness of the staff, plus the general high quality of their food means that I am a repeat diner, and will probably be so until the foreseeable future. We were also seated promptly – no matter how packed the place is, wait times are never over the top.

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that they had a new section in the menu! Mikaius usually orders something sweet for breakfast because he loves their custard, but he was sufficiently intrigued that he ordered from the new section. He had the hotdog-and-bacon stuffed crepe with breakfast potatoes served with spicy hollandaise, and a latte bowl. The latte was indeed served in a cup that was almost as deep as a bowl, but in my haste to dig in I forgot a photo of his coffee. I only had a bite or two of his food, but it was tasty! The dish is very rich, what with both bacon and hotdog in one bite all wrapped up in the tasty crepe. It might not be for you if you prefer a lighter breakfast, but if you’re ravenous and you feel like having something heavy, I would definitely recommend this.


Hotdog and bacon stuffed crepe, spicy hollandaise, and breakfast potatoes. Heavy? Yes. Tasty? Very much!

I also ordered from their new menu and had the breakfast poutine: breakfast potatoes, red bell peppers, chunks of bacon and sausage, cheese curds, hollandaise sauce, and topped with a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. Beautiful, beautiful dish. Everything worked together and was a taste explosion in my mouth. It was totally more than I could eat, of course, and I ended up taking the rest with me to work so I could have it for lunch, but what I had was oh so delicious. There was just the right amount of everything and the cheese curds were wonderfully melty. It also reheats beautifully, and although the sauce did break (I don’t think hollandaise was meant to be popped in the microwave and heated up) the flavours were still beautiful. I would definitely order it again, for sure!


Breakfast poutine: breakfast potatoes, red peppers, chunks of bacon and sausage, cheese curds, hollandaise sauce, and topped with a sunny side up egg for good measure!

An immaculate and homey interior, the friendliest and most helpful of servers, delicious food, and a consistently great experience? Why yes, I shall come back as often as I can. Cora’s is always a treat for the tummy, and an option that is sure to please when I want to take people out to brunch. It has a lot of options, even for the pickiest of eaters. This restaurant is definitely on my list of go-to breakfast and brunch places.

Overall rating: 5/5, would go back again and again.


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