Chicken Alfredo!

I made Garlic Chicken Alfredo sauce from scratch today! I was so excited because I’d never made pasta sauce from scratch, because my family is most obstinately Filipino and will not touch anything other than kanin and ulam come dinner time (looking at you, little brother!) When Mikaius and I were at T&T earlier trying to decide what to make for lunch, we settled on picking the protein first and building up around that.

Mikaius: I don’t want to de-bone, de-scale, or de-anything today! It’s Lazy Day!

Me: Well, do you want, chicken, beef, pork…?

Guys, chicken won. Chicken always wins.

Eventually, we got a package of chicken strips, sliced very thinly. Kind of like the chicken you find in your tita’s pancitThen we went down to the pasta sauce aisle to pick a sauce. We were going to get the alfredo sauce in a jar, but it was a humongous jar and we would most likely not even use half of it. Plus, it was $4.99. So we looked up recipes for it, figured out that he had most of the general ingredients at home, and decided we’d make it from scratch.


This jar was around $4.99 at T&T. I mean, I know they’re good, but I’m a broke student!

I made the sauce first, because that was the part I was nervous about. Sautéed a bit of garlic in butter, then whisked in cream cheese until it was all beautiful and smooth and the smell was drool-inducing. Added one cup of milk a little bit at a time, incorporating after every addition (hey, it’s not unlike baking!). Then I added parmesan cheese, whisked and whisked and whisked, and when it was nice and thick and creamy, it was done! It tastes amazing.


My Creamy Garlic Alfredo sauce, sans the chicken. Drumroll, please!

Afterwards, I browned the chicken strips using canola oil and a little bit of butter. I seasoned it using chill flakes, salt, and pepper. When it was all nice and brown, I mixed it in with the sauce.


Lightly browned them for that little bit of crunch. I may or may not have snacked on a couple of pieces while I was browning them. Shhh. Don’t tell Mikaius.

Would I make it again? Likely, yes. Alfredo sauce may be on the simple side, but that makes it easier for me to make, plus the experience is going to help me be less intimidated when I want to make more complicated dishes.


This is the finished product! It still needs a lot of tweaks, but it’s still really good.

As a bonus, here are the smashed potatoes that Mikaius made to go with the pasta. They are every bit as wonderful as they look!


Mikaius’ Smashed Potatoes. So. Good.

Happy Lazy Day, everyone! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Chicken Alfredo!

      1. ennovyrose

        that’s why i’m glad you are becoming friends with cooking 😀

        Filipino food is actually easier. :))

      2. Dani

        Nabudlayan ko magbalance flavours in cooking. Baking is now almost like second nature (like I can tell na from the smell that whatever I’m baking is done). I can’t do that with cooking haha

      3. ennovyrose

        maabot lang na. 🙂 did you have the chance to witness food being cooked while growing up ? (iow: forced to help out in the kitchen. may BS double major ako in slice panakot panit vegetable, minoring in pang-utan. hahaha ^^’)

      4. Dani

        No kay si Mama tanan galuto kay sagad sya haha. I do know how to cook my favourite things (pechay na may ginaling na beef, sinigang, adobo, chicken curry, etc), but it’s so much harder than baking haha! More practice though – like you said, maabot lang na. What’s your favourite thing to make?

      5. ennovyrose

        the things you mentioned, minus sinigang. :)) plus linaga, menudo/picadillo, chopsuey (galing indi ko di mayu maluto…ambut. i suspect kay ka-weird di sg wok), pochero (galing talagsa ka lang di kakita sg ensakto nga cut sg pork 😦 ). western things… Hühnerfrikasse (chicken cream something…basta may asparagus, peas and carrots in cream) and CHicken noodle soup. ^^’

      6. Dani

        Ahhhh pochero! It’s always such a treat, pero indi pareho ang sabor kay lain di ang saging. Kadyutay katama sang kinds nila sang saging di.

        Western things for me are easier, maybe because I don’t *remember* them tasting a certain way.

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