Toronto Bites: Golden Star

Mikaius and I had been planning to eat at Golden Star for a long time now – in fact, I think we were contemplating it for a whole year or so before we actually went. He told me that they serve really good burgers and milkshakes, and if he says the food is good, I’m always up for trying a new place out. Our plans for having lunch or dinner there always seemed to flop though, because the place is a bit out of the way for us, plus they only take cash. He and I have a habit of only carrying our cards with us.

After a long, loooong time, we finally made it there last week! It was an overwhelmingly positive food experience, and while I am not a burgers and fries kind of girl, I would definitely eat there again if the chance came up.

The onion rings were really, really good. I wanted more.

Mikaius had the chicken breast burger with all the trimmings (peppers, pickles, onions, lettuce, ketchup and mustard), and a black cherry milkshake. I had the cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard, and a Fanta orange soda since I can’t have milkshakes when I’m out in public unless I’m tempting fate. We also shared a platter of onion rings, which we drenched in vinegar. Over a year of being together, and we just figured out our mutual love of drenching fries and onion rings in vinegar.

The burger was really, really good. I only had ketchup and mustard on my burger since I’m not really a fan of condiments, but the patty was flavourful, the bun was not too sweet, and it all came together really nicely. It was also hefty enough to satisfy my rumbling tummy, who at that point hadn’t had both breakfast and lunch. Mikaius said that he ordered the chicken burger out of nostalgia since that was what he used to order when he was younger, but he would definitely go for the beef burger the next time we ate there. He was raving about the milkshake as well.

However, what really won my heart were those onion rings. They were beautiful and cooked to perfection – light and crunchy batter on the outside, soft and savoury onion on the inside. I have not encountered better onion rings. I don’t regret not getting the fries, although I will make sure to try those as well next time. The onion rings were the perfect accompaniment to the delicious burger and the soda, and as we were happily munching on our burgers and watching the rain pour down through the glass walls, I can say that we were pretty satisfied with the experience. The server was really friendly, as well, although we did come rather early.

To sum it all up, the burgers were a hefty size, and delicious to boot. The onion rings were fantastic – if I could take two orders of those to go, I would definitely nosh on them while I binge watched Game of Thrones. The server was friendly, and wait time was not too long. I’d give it a 3.5 in all – I would definitely go back. Those onion rings are amazing.

Overall rating: 3.5/5, would definitely try again.


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