Snapshots: An Infant at Home


Sometimes, this adorable little munchkin comes to visit my family and I on Saturday afternoons.


I love kids, so I end up bugging (ahem, playing with) her so much that she can’t get any peace and quiet.


And then she thinks, “Can’t you just let me alone to nap? Guys? I’m a growing child!”


So, respecting her wishes, I try and give her the space she needs. I go out and photograph her itty-bitty shoes instead. Aren’t they just the cutest?


Then I come back in and her Mama’s rocking her to sleep.

And that is the story of how the baby in the house finally got herself some peace and quiet.

(Photos all taken by the author.)

Where I was and what was playing: Safe at home munching on cake, and Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire.


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