Bike Rides and A Late Night Italian Soda Run

I never learned how to properly ride a bike. The closest I came as a little girl was a tiny pink bike that I rode from one end of our driveway to the other and back again – and I never graduated from the training wheels on that one. Growing up, learning how to ride a bike never became a priority, and was on the back burner for years. It was something I had always meant to learn, but never actually did. When Mikaius and I began dating last year,  he had a list of Things To Do With Dani; teaching me how to ride a bike was on that list. However, because I had summer classes last year, I was always just a little too short on time to actually devote the season to learning how.

19 May was Victoria Day in Canada, and so both he and I had the day off from work. Miraculously for Torontonians after weeks of gray days, the 19th was sunny! It was barbecue weather, it was fireworks weather, it was go out with your dogs and kids and loiter at the park weather. I showed up at our meeting place in a cardigan, a tank top, and my trusty Sketchers because it felt like as good a day as any to finally take that first step towards learning how to ride a bike.


Lanius made me wear full gear (knee pads, elbow pads, gloves) to make sure I didn’t get injured. I used the old bike gear he had as a kid – but he forgot about helmets and was bothered the rest of the lesson by the lack of it. (c) DM

Mikaius had me use his Mom’s bike as she is also a petite lady, only two or three inches taller than I am. The bike didn’t look too threatening, but the moment he had me walk it out, hooboy. That thing was heavy! I couldn’t balance it properly because I couldn’t quite get my butt on the seat, plus I was incredibly wobbly because it was my first time perched on those unholy contraptions. After a couple of turns around the park, I gave up for the day. I know, I know, I am terribly wimpy. I could tell how unfit I was by the dull ache in my arms after walking around a mountain bike. It was shameful, I tell you.


This is the heavy mountain bike I had to ride. Not fun, friends. Not fun. (c) DM

When we got home, Mikaius and I went through his Wii games and we spent the afternoon playing. And playing. And playing. We had previously been in the middle of playing Donkey Kong Country Returns and we were doing rather well in that, so we played a couple more levels plus a boss battle. We then began playing Rise of the Guardians, but it was too much for my eyes – I’d been dealing with a rather extended bout of photosensitivity and headaches that wasn’t helped by the way that RotG played.

Mikaius and I also played quite a bit of Super Mario: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros Lost Levels. It was a lazy afternoon revelling in the games of our childhood, and it was great! I do have to say that I enjoyed Donkey Kong and the Lost Levels the most, likely because those were the two I was doing pretty well at. I am not a proficient video game player by any means, so when I’m doing well, I am astounded and I only want to play that game until he and I have decimated all the enemies.

Later that night before dropping me off at home, Mikaius and I dropped by Teashop 168 for some Italian soda. He had kiwi and I had grape, and we sat on the curb outside my apartment building for a while sipping on our drinks before we parted ways. For me, the best parts of my days with him are when we are quietly basking in the other’s presence. It doesn’t actually matter what we’re doing – we may be walking around, or just sitting and talking, or I may be doing my work while he plays New Vegas on his PC. So long as we’re with each other, I am at peace, I am content.


Grape Italian Soda from Teashop 168. (c) DM

I love that he and I can be with each other and be content in that. We may be doing totally separate things while in the same room together, or rambunctiously playing video games, or sitting on a curb sipping on Italian sodas while laughing about the day you just had. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, as long as the other person is present. He’s even totally okay with me napping in his bed while he’s playing his games. Mikaius makes my life better and brighter simply by being in it.

Where I was and what was playing: Safe at home, and Sitti’s Tattooed On My Mind 


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