That’s a teeny model of a Filipino jeepney,  the most common form of transportation in the country. It may seem colourful, but believe me when I say that I’ve seen ones that are MORE colourful. It seems like a contest, sometimes. (c) Dani Magsumbol

(Late post from 9 May 2014)

Today is my second day at the Kapisanan Centre. As it’s a Friday afternoon, the place is quiet and mostly devoid of people – all the better for brainstorming questions for the blog posts I am supposed to put up in about a week or so. I’m five for six on the questions, but one is proving to be particularly tricky. I’ll find that handle, though, I just need more time.

So how has it been working for an organization that I fell in love with the moment I stumbled upon their website many months ago? It has been an exhilarating ride so far. Coming in contact with so many talented and kind Filipinos has definitely lessened the feeling of alienation that has so far characterized my four year sojourn in Canada. The fact that I am with a group of people who identify as Filipino is more than a little encouraging – as cliche-ish as it may sound, being among people who look like me has made me feel less alone, less estranged from my roots.

More than that, it has been challenging. Right now all that’s required are weekly blog posts featuring one of the vendors in the street food line-up, but I know that as the festival comes closer, things will become more and more hectic. As of now, my biggest hurdle has been making questions for the interviews that are specific to the person (or the restaurant they represent), and that are reflective of the image they are trying to project. Marketing-wise, I’ve learned my first lesson about posting on an organization page: always ask questions about the posts, even though they may seem childishly basic. Who should be the focus? How do you spin it that way? Baby steps, Dani. Baby steps. I began this position knowing next to nothing about Marketing (I applied for the spot with nothing more than the thought that I can write passably well), but I hope I can end my stay with a more rounded grasp of what it means to work in Marketing and Communications.


This is going to be a great summer, full of new experiences and new people and a whole lot of learning. I am intensely excited about the things to come. (c) Dani Magsumbol

Where I was and what was playing: 167 Augusta, and all was quiet.